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Dyckia Marnier - Lapostollei ~ Bromeliad ~ Rare Exotic Silver Cactus ~ 3 Seed

Native to southern Brazil, Dyckia mariner-lapostollei has architecturally magnificent leaves, although hardly monstrous in size. Many consider this the most beautiful species of Dyckia and it slowly multiplies to form a small clump of plants. Fat and wide, each lance-like leaf often recurves and twists and has backward-angled teeth that look like thick eyelashes. Silvery green in color, the leaf also has a frost-like pattern of faint bronze, silver, green or brown. In summer's warmth, mature plants send up a tall flower spike that reveals a scattering of orange-yellow flowers, tubular in shape, that are pollinated by hummingbirds. Tolerant of extreme heat and drought, plants flourish when water is available in the heat of the growing season, and markedly less in the autumn and winter. This plant is superb as a houseplant and is remarkable when viewed up-close.
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