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Dypsis Baronii 'Black Petiole' * Vakona Palm * Ornamental * Rare * 3 Seeds *

3 SEEDS A stunning form of Dypsis baronii from the Vakona rainforest in Andasibe in eastern Madagascar. It sports a waxy white crownshaft and fuzzy leaf stalks that turn from rusty brown to black. It will grow in the tropics as well as in warm temperate climates and as a high altitude plant it can even tolerate an occasional light freeze. One of the most beautiful of the clumping/clustering palms, this is a beautiful specimen for smaller gardens and can be used as a smaller dramatic palm in a larger garden design also, and even in a large container. Native to montane forest throughout Madagascar, it is mostly admired for its prominently ringed multiple trunks which rtesemble tyhick sugar canes. It performs best in a sheltered, shaded site, however it will certainly take full sun as well. While it closely resembles the popular Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens), this one is more tolerant of cool conditions and light frosts, and will grow well in warm temperate to tropical conditions.
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