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Echium Gentianoides ~ Lord OF Blue ~ Deep Sky Blue ~ RARE 5 Seeds ~ Endangered ~

Echium gentianoides is a woody bush in the Borage family with a wide, branching habit. It grows about 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide if left unpruned. When it's not blooming, the plant somewhat resembles a Euphorbia. Its bluish-green leaves have an attractive white streak that almost makes them look variegated. The leaves lack the bristly, irritating hairs found on many Echium species. Throughout the spring, the plant puts on its show of countless blue flowers, which start off as pink buds. When fully open, they are practically true blue. The inch-long, tubular blooms are a favorite of bees and butterflies. Many Echiums only flower once and then die, however this species blooms well for quite a few years. The plant comes from mountainous areas where the climate is cool and arid, similar to San Francisco in the summer. Echium gentianoides is a very rare gem from the island of La Palma of the Canary Islands. It's difficult to capture the color in photographs, but the deep, sky-blue flowers are truly beautiful. This is a perennial species that blooms year after year, unlike some Echiums. Unfortunately the plant is endangered in the wild, and rarely seen in cultivation.
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