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Edithcolea Grandis * Carpet Flower * Succulent * Extremely 3 Rare Seeds *

Edithcolea is a monotypic genus with a single species Edithcolea grandis . The genus is named after Miss Edith Cole (1859-1940). She collected the type material for this plant together with Mrs. Lort Philips in 1895, during a botanical expedition in northern Somalia. Edithcolea grandis is a succulent plant with leafless richly branched perennial and decumbent stems with a diameter of 2 to 4 cm and up to 30 cm in length . The glabrousstems are 4 or 5 angled and armed with regularly placed hard and acute spinelike teeth ortubercules. The base color of the plant varies from green to red with brownish spots. The bisexual flowers are 8 to 13 cm in diameter and are formed near the apex of the branches. The outside or back side of the flower is yellow to green. The inside consist of a pale yellow base color with a purple-reddish pattern of spots at the outside that gradually become smaller near the inner corona, which has itself has concentric reddish lines. Long purple hairs are present at the border of the brim of the outer corolla lobes. The remarkable flower is at times described as the Persian carpet flower. The carrion-like smell of the flowers attracts flies and other insects for pollination. require much light and relatively high winter temperatures.
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