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Epiphyllum Guatemalense Monstrose * Curly Sue Locks * Orchid Cactus * Rare * 5 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF EPIPHYLLUM GUATEMALENSE MONSTROSE Epiphytic plants live in trees and rock crevasses. The mother of the Epiphyllum cactus, curly locks, was from Guatemala. It was a plant that sprouted one or more abnormal curved stems. These were harvested and cloned to produce the crazy little cactus we propagate today. These plants are wonderful hanging basket specimens and make quite the conversation piece with their twisted, arching limbs. In nature, curly locks might be growing in a tree crotch or other almost soilless area. Epiphyllums are often called air plants because they do not rely upon terra firma as their growing medium. Curly locks have bright green, twisting stems. It produces 3-inch wide white flowers with 6-inch long tubes that open at night. This is because in nature it is pollinated by moths and bats, and these night animals can see the big white blooms easily. Oval, bright pink seedy fruits form once blooms are pollinated. These fruits are juicy and edible. The plant is also self-pollinating and fruits can form even without the intervention of insects and mammals. Epiphyllum plants are often called orchid cacti. Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Monstrose' - Orchid Cactus is a member of the Cactaceae family of plants which include many epiphytic plants such as this one. Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Monstrose' is a jungle cacti native to Guatemala and will attach themselves to a tree and live off of the composting debris that collects in the crook of the tree. Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Monstrose' are commonly called Orchid Cactus due to the blooms resembling orchid blossoms. The flowers are fragrant and usually open at night. Epiphyllum are sensitive to being moved so choosing spot in bright, indirect light would work best. Epiphyllum will also only bloom when root bound, so take this into consideration when repotting. Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Monstrose' - Orchid Cactus is not recommended for a terrarium or container garden due to its large size. It will however make a great houseplant in a pot or planter. USDA Hardiness Zone 9-11
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