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Eucomis Vandermerwei - South African Pineapple Lily - 5 Seeds - RARE

Eucomis vandermerwei is a South African bulbous perennial flowering plant, a member of the asparagus family , and like other members of Eucomis is commonly known as pineapple lily for its superficial resemblance to that plant (Ananas comosus), although not closely related to it. This species is one of the smallest in the genus, and is native to a high-rainfall region of western Mpumalanga in South Africa. The dense rosette of leaves, either prostrate or ascending, is heavily blotched with purple, and the leaf-edges are markedly crisped or wavy. The star-shaped burgundy flowers appear in midsummer, and are borne on a spike topped by a "head" of leafy bracts.
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