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Euphorbia Bupleurifolia - Pine Cone Plant - Palm Cactus - Rare - 2 Seeds

Resembling a pine cone, pineapple or, some may say, a cycad,
Euphorbia bupleurifolia is one interesting Euphorbia.
Euphorbia bupleurifolia is a spineless, dwarf succulent, growing 40–200 mm tall.
The stem is usually unbranched, brown, bulb-like, and covered with numerous markings of scars of fallen leaves. These scars give it the look of a pine cone. The diameter of the stem is 40–70 mm. Leaves are deciduous, oblanceolate and tufted on the tip of the stem.
Cyathia are solitary, with stalks 10–50 mm long; several are produced in the centre of the tufted leaves; bracts are large, ± 10 × 20 mm, yellow-green, turning reddish in summer.
Fruits turn brown once dry and explode, releasing the seeds.
Flowering is from midwinter (July) to midsummer (January).
The whole plant contains milky sap, which exudes when cut. This is a slow-growing plant.
Cultivation and Propagation: This is a small, slow-growing choice Euphorbia, and although not one of the easiest to grow, it should not be too difficult for the careful collector. It is suitable as a container plant (but it can grow in the ground in areas with a mild climate).
Soil: It grows well in a very draining mineral potting substrate.
Moisture: It does not like its compost drying out for very long periods when the weather is hot. It needs constant moisture during the Summer, but it doesn't like winter water, as it rots easily.
Hardiness: It needs to be kept warm, not less than 10 C in the winter (but when dormant and dry they are relatively cold tolerant).
Sun Exposure: Light shade.
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