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Euphorbia Cooperi * Spiny Cactus * Extremely Rare Collector Succulent * 5 Seeds

Euphorbia cooperi is one of the most beautifull of all tree-like euphorbia. It is mostly found in wooded grassland and rocky places from KwaZulu-Natal, through Swaziland and up to Messina in Limpopo. its a succulent tree up to 7 m tall, with conspicuous candelabra-like branches. This spiny, succulent tree has a naked, grey trunk, up to 3 m high. Round holes on the trunk indicate where old branches have fallen off. Branches (succulent leaves) are conspicuously 4- to 6-winged and resemble a chunky string of beads. The triangular segments are 50-150 x 120 mm. The spines form a spiky margin along each ridge on the branches. Spines are found in pairs and are usually 5 to 7 mm long. You offering for 5 rare seeds
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