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Euryale Ferox - Prickly Water lily Plant - Gorgon Plant - Very Rare - 2 Seeds

Euryale ferox, commonly known as prickly water lily or Gorgon Plant, is a species of water lily found in southern and eastern Asia, and the only extant member of the genus Euryale. The edible seeds, called fox nuts or makhana when dried, are a food in Asia. Though normally classified in the water lily family, Nymphaeaceae, the species is occasionally regarded as a distinct family, Euryalaceae. Unlike other water lilies, the pollen grains of Euryale have three nuclei. The genus is named after a mythical Greek Gorgon, Euryale. The plant produces starchy white seeds that are edible. The plant is cultivated for its seeds in lowland ponds in India, China, and Japan. The Chinese have cultivated the plant for centuries. More than 96,000 hectares of Bihar, India, were set aside for cultivation of Euryale in 1990-1991. The plant grows best in locations with hot, dry summers and cold winters. Seeds are collected in the late summer and early autumn, and may be eaten raw or cooked. In India, in the northern and western parts of the country, Euryale ferox seeds are often roasted or fried, which causes them to pop like popcorn. These are then eaten, often with a sprinkling of oil and spices. It is used in cooking, especially to make a porridge or pudding called kheer. The seeds are used in Ayurveda preparations and in traditional Chinese medicine
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