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Extremely RARE Chiranthodendron Pentadactylon Devil's Hand Tree -1 Seed Limited

Chiranthodendron is a flowering genus in the family Malvaceae. It comprises a single species of tree, Chiranthodendron pentadactylon. The tree is called the Devil's hand tree it have red flowers, which resemble open human hands. This species is native to Guatemala and southern Mexico. On the wet slopes of these areas, trees may reach 10.5-27.5 m (35-90 feet) in height. The unusual appearance of the 'hands' has stimulated cultivation in gardens around the world, primarily in North Americawhere it grows well near its native range. The leaves are large and shallowly lobed, with a brown indumentum on the underside. The distinctive flowers appear in late spring and early summer; the five stamens are long, curved upward, and bright red, giving the distinct impression of a clawed hand. Its fruit is a 7.5-10 cm (3-4 inch) long oblong, five-lobed capsule which contains black seeds. It was originally described from a single cultivated specimen grown in Toluca in the Toluca Valley, well outside the native range. The Aztecs and others have used solutions containing the tree's flowers as a remedy for lower abdominal pain and for heart problems. Such solutions also reduce edemaand serum cholesterol levels and, because they contain the glycosides quercetin and luteolin, act as diuretics Seeds rarely seen for sale
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