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Fuchsia Arborescens ~ Tree Fuchsia ~ Lilac Fuchsia Flowers ~ Spectacular VERY RARE 3 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF FUCHSIA ARBORESCENS AKA LILAC FUCHSIA Fuchsia arborescens is a spectacular, rare species from the cool mountains of Central America. This flamboyant Fuchsia is tree-sized, growing 10 to 15 feet tall! It's covered with big panicles of bright pink flowers almost all year. The blooms are exciting even in the bud stage, starting out lilac-pink before bursting open to a softer pink. The effect is like having lit sparklers all over your plant! This Fuchsia is very rare in cultivation. Fuchsia arborescens is an evergreen species that forms a large, woody bush. Even through it can grow huge, you may prune the plant to any size you wish. It flowers most months of the year, and is a very heavy bloomer. Each flower cluster can get 5 to 10 inches across and have dozens of flowers. After flowering, it makes dark blue, grape-like berries that are edible! They are mildly sweet, tasting sort of like kiwi fruit, but not as sweet. This is a true species, not a cultivated hybrid, so the seeds grow true. It comes from mountain cloud forests, where temperatures are mild during the day and cool at night. The plant might not thrive if temperatures regularly get above 85 degrees F (29°C) and nights are above 65° F (18°C). It might be able to tolerate warmer conditions if nights are cool, but it probably won't flower until days are cooler. It can only handle a few degrees of frost (-2°C), but it will lose its foliage. It's best to protect the plant from freezing temperatures. It prefers filtered sun or morning sun — shade it from strong afternoon sun. Like most Fuchsias, it likes fertile, well-draining soil that's kept evenly moist. Over about 40% humidity is best.
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