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Fuchsia Paniculata * Spectacular Shrubby Fuchsia * Unbelievably RARE * Limited * 4 Seeds *

To many folks, the two species fuchsias under section schufia are barely recognizable as fuchsias at all. Indeed. Who would have thought the Lilac Fuchsia (F. arborescens) and the Shrubby Fuchsia (F. Paniculata), with their laurel-like leaves and lilac-like-clusters of flowers are actually related to the hybrid fuchsias we commonly know, Both of them come from the moist cool rain forests of Central America , and are so hard to find and rarely seen in cultivation that they are often mistaken for each other. Fuchsia Paniculata forms quite a spectacular, tree-like shrub that is almost always in bloom in california. Each bright pink flower is small. but they are borne in large, showy panicles at the end of the branches. Glossy, lustre leaves. Hardy from zone 9 onwards. 12 feet tall, 8 feet wide but can be pruned to be much smaller. Morning sun. Rich , moist soil.
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