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GA3 Gibberellic Acid Seeds Germination Pad - Increase Seeds Germination Rate Up To 60% - Natural Product - Perfect For Bonsai - Protea

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Gibberellic acid is a natural product extracted from the gibberella fujikuroi fungus. There are over 100 known forms of gibberellic acid, GA3 is the most effective. Seeds of many plants species require exposure to low or high temperature within a certain period before they will germinate . This process is called thermal stratification. Alternatively, the hormone gibberellin can be used to break such dormancy. GA3 Germination Pad is a wet pad with Gibberellic acid and smoke seed primer water . it was developed in our farm for a very long time . it's suitable for any kind of seeds. Perfect for hard, old or difficult seeds like protea or bonsai species. in our testing result we got up to 60 % more germination rate then without our pad.
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