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GAC Momordica Cochinchinensis - Asian Melon - Medicinal Fruit - 2 Seeds - RARE

Gấc is a type of perennial melon grown throughout Southeast Asian countries and Northeastern Australia.
Gấc is notable for its vivid orange-reddish color resulting from its rich content of beta-carotene and lycopene.

The species name cochinchinensis derives from the Cochinchina region in the southern part of Vietnam, although it is grown and consumed in many parts of the world.
Gấc has been commonly used in its native countries, mainly as food and traditional medicine.
Its use as medicine has been dated back to over 1200 years ago in China and Vietnam.
Gấc seeds, known as mù biē zǐ (meaning 'wooden turtle seed'), are used for a variety of internal and topical purposes in traditional medicine.

The aril surrounding gấc seeds when the fruits are ripe is cooked with sticky rice to make xôi gấc, a traditional Vietnamese dish in red color served at weddings and New Year celebrations.
In addition, the immature green fruit is also used as a vegetable in India.
The spiny skin is removed and the fruits are sliced and cooked sometimes with potato or bottle gourd.
In Sri Lanka, gấc is used in curry, and in Thailand, gấc is served with ice cream.

Due to the high contents of beta-carotene and lycopene, extracts from the fruit's arils are used to manufacture dietary supplements in soft capsules or are sometimes mixed into beverages.

2 Seeds

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