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Gaultheria Shallon * Salal Berry * Edible * Ornamental * Rare * 10 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 10 SEEDS OF GAULTHERIA SHALLON This is a rather attractive, thicket-forming, evergreen shrub from the west coast of North America with thick leathery leaves. The little clusters of pretty, pinkish, urn-shaped flowers are followed by aromatic, dark purple, edible berries that are said to have a very agreeable flavour and to have been much enjoyed by the Oregon Indians. A relative of wintergreen, this North American native bears edible, dark blue berries that were once an important food source for native peoples of the Pacific coast. Usually a small, to medium sized shrub, some specimens have reached 15 ft. Can spread via underground rhizomes. It naturally grows along the temperate Pacific coastline, so it enjoys cool, moist climates. And while found growing as far north as Alaska, it only tolerates moderate frosts, down to 10-15 F. Grows on sandy or peaty soils in shady positions from the coast up to elevations of 800 metres. Range Western N. America - British Columbia to California. Occasionally naturalized in Britain. USDA hardiness 8-11
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