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Genlisea Aurea Corkscrew Carnivorous Plant # 10 Fresh Seeds # VERY RARE limted

Genlisea aurea is one of the largest carnivorous species in the genus Genlisea . Genlisea aurea, also called the Corkscrew Plant, is endemic to Brazil, where it is widespread on sandstone highlands. It typically grows on sandstone highlands at altitudes from 550 m to 2550 m. Its preferred substrate is a black humus-rich soil, which is sometimes mixed with sand. The plant size is around 3-5 cm in diameter. These plants are terrestrials or semi-aquatics. They are a very recent discover, only entering cultivation in the mid 1980's. Leaves are typically 5-50 mm in length, but most of that length, including the petiole, is hidden beneath the soil. The rosettes can grow to be as big as 5 cm wide. It has no true roots and instead has highly modified subterranean leaves that act as the carnivorous trapping mechanism. The flowers are a bright-yellow to golden-yellow. Genlisea aurea can be found in flowers year round. The flower scapes of Genlisea aurea are very robust, usually 10-30 cm in height, but sometimes surpassing 40 cm, and densely covered in both simple and glandular hairs. Each inflorescence commonly bears one to three open flowers at its apex, but may produce a total of eleven flowers. Growth is relatively quick, and flowering plants can be grown within a few months. They have lovely flowers and once they start to bloom, will bloom basically continuously. These seeds also require a lot of light, at least artificial light, and a photoperiod of 10-12 hours. Attention: very small seeds.
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