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Gladiolus Carneus Bulb

Gladiolus carneus is a captivating species in the Iridaceae family, commonly found in the coastal and montane regions of South Africa. This species is admired for its elegant and colorful blooms, which typically emerge in late spring to early summer.

The plant features an erect, slender stem that can grow up to 70 cm tall. Its leaves are long, narrow, and sword-shaped, often reaching the same height as the stem. The flowers of Gladiolus carneus are arranged in a tall spike, showcasing a stunning array of colors, including shades of pink, white, and occasionally red, with intricate markings or blotches that add to their visual appeal.

Gladiolus carneus thrives in well-drained soils and prefers a sunny position, making it well-adapted to both garden settings and natural habitats. This species is popular among gardeners and horticulturists for its striking beauty and its ability to enhance floral displays with its vibrant and eye-catching flowers.


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