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Green Ferraria Crispa * 5 Seeds * Starfish Lily Black Flag* Rare Flowering Plant

Ferraria crispa is a species of monocotyledonous flowering plant in the family Iridaceae. It is native to South Africa. In Australia it is commonly referred to as Black Flag. It is also known as Starfish Lily. Ferraria crispa IS interesting small perennial with remarkable, velvety textured flowers that have intricately frilled and crisped margins on their 3 long and 3 short petals. The 5cm blooms are produced in late spring to early summer on 2-3 stems per corm and are a classic “one day flower” specimen, but bud formation continues over an extended but unpredictable period. The flowers only open in fine weather. It also has the ability to extend its dormancy if weather conditions are unfavourable. Ferraria require full sun and well drained but not nutrient rich soil.
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