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Gunnera Tinctoria * Giant-Rhubarb * Huge Leaves * Ornamental Plant * 10 Seeds

Gunnera tinctoria, known as giant-rhubarb or Chilean rhubarb, is a plant species native to southern Chile and neighbouring zones in Argentina. The leaves can grow up to 2.5m across. It has erect spikes of cone-shaped inflorescences (to 1m) from spring to early summer, with small flowers. The fruit is orange. It is essentially unrelated to rhubarb, as the two plants belong into different orders, but looks similar from a distance and has similar culinary uses. It is a large-leaved perennial plant that grows up to two metres tall. It has been introduced to many parts of the world as an ornamental and edible plant. ALL SEEDS COME WITH GERMINATION AND CARE INSTRUCTION This offer is for 10 Seeds
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