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Hakea laurina – Pincushion Hakea - Kodjet Shrub Red & Cream Globular Flowers - RARE - 5 Seeds

Hakea laurina is shrub or small tree commonly known as kodjet or pin-cushion hakea and is endemic to Western Australia. The Noongar name for the plant is kodjet or kojet. It has red and cream conspicuous globular flowers and lance shaped leaves. Pincushion hakea occurs in the sandplains of the coastal southwest of Australia, the northernmost range being Narrogin and extending east to Esperance. The habitat is often sandplains, sometimes occurring on sandy clay; most recorded specimens are in the southern districts of its botanical province. The plant, which is propagated from seeds, is used in cultivation in the eastern states of Australia, and as a hedging or street plant in America and Italy. Adaptable to a number of soil types, the plant is also tolerant of frost. The uses of this species include ornament and shading in public streets, wildlife habitat, windbreaks, and control of soil erosion. In the language of flowers, Hakea laurina symbolises nobility and longevity.
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