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Halleria Lucida ~ Tree Fuchsia ~ Stunning Edible Evergreen Ornamental Tree ~ Rare 5 Seeds ~

This is an evergreen tree or large shrub, often multi-stemmed, with a spreading crown and attractive glossy bright green foliage on arching and drooping branches. In the more exposed situations it is generally a stocky or shrubby tree that reaches a height of 2-5 m but in well watered, protected situations it can reach up to 12 m, and in forests, it can grow up to 20 m in height. The bark is longitudinally grooved and pale grey and brown in colour. The flowers are tubular, orange to brick-red, or yellow, very rich in nectar and are produced in clusters in the axils of leaves and on short shoots on the old wood, even on the main trunk. When in full flower in autumn to summer (May to December/January) it can be very showy, although the flowers are somewhat hidden amongst the leaves and inside the canopy. Clusters of 10 mm diameter spherical green berries that turn juicy and black when ripe, follow the flowers (August onwards). These are edible, but never tasty, not even when ripe. They have a sickly sweet taste and tend to dry the mouth. The seeds are very small black flakes in the jelly-like flesh of the fruit. It is a shrubby tree, usually growing to 12-20ft, though it can reach 50ft in some locations. The pretty tubular flowers are quite reminiscent of Fuchsia flowers and are borne directly off of the trunk and branches in Spring. The flowers attract hummingbirds. Fleshy, thin walled fruits follow and ripen to a green-black color. The pulp is translucent, with numerous small black seeds. Hardy to at least 20F, possibly lower. Grows well in mildly arid climates. Water during warm months, but the tree will tolerate some drought. Grow in full sun or part shade. Grow in well-drained soil. Propagation by seeds, which should be planted in well-drained soil and kept at 75-90F. Seeds generally take 6-12 weeks to germinate, though occasionally longer. Mainly grown as an ornamental, though its fruits are edible and are quite popular with birds. The Zulu's have used this tree for traditional medicine and is used to treat earaches. The tree also has some religious significance and is used in offerings to spirits.
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