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Hechtia Texensis Scariosa * RARE Bromeliad * False Agava * Red Hot Leaf * 5 Seeds

Hechtia texensis, commonly known as Texas False Agave, is a species of bromeliad. This spectacular Pineapple relative comes from the Chihuahuan Desert of northern Mexico and the southwestern tip of Texas. Its glossy, scarlet & green leaves contrast boldly with its white thorns. Hechtia texensis is a terrestrial Bromeliad that's found in rocky soil. It grows to about 18 inches across. As the plant nears maturity, it develops its vivid, red markings, particularly along the leaf margins. The colors seem to get the most intense in climates that do not get very hot. The plant flowers in Spring with a 2-foot stalk of modest, white flowers. A plant is either male or female. Over time, it makes a cluster of pups, which may be separated - carefully handles a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Hechtia texensis is easy to grow.
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