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Heliamphora Pulchella ~ Amazing Hairy Carnivorous Plant ~ EXTREMELY RARE 3 Seeds ~

It is one of the smallest species and very closely related to Heliamphora minor. It is a species of marsh pitcher plant endemic to the Chimanta Massif and surrounding tepuis in Venezuela. The leaves are modified to form funnels that act as traps for catching insects . These reach a size of 5 to 20 cm and can reach 8 cm in diameter. Its interior is covered by a series of hairs of a few millimeters. At the edge of the funnel is a helmet-shaped operculum up to 8 mm long. The flowers can be found at the end of a stem about 50 cm long and have a diameter of about 10 cm. They have four colored petals ranging from white to pink and about 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. The stamens are 10 to 15 and each has 3-4 mm long anthers. Heliamphora can be one of the easier carnivores to grow, or one the harder, depending on the conditions you can provide. Although Heliamphora was first in cultivation over 130 years ago, it was not until the 1990's with new clones propagated via sterile culture that Heliamphora became readily available. There are at least 23 species of Heliamphora and many hybrids in the wild. The plants are found only in the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela and adjacent Guyana and Brazil. Most species are restricted to 1200 to 2800 m (4000 to 9200 ft) elevation on tepuis. A few species are on the tepui slopes or other highland areas above 800 m (2500 ft) elevation. The tepuis are sandstone plateaus that rise hundreds of meters above the adjacent landscape. Although the tepuis are a few degrees north of the equator, the temperature range on their tops is generally 7 to 23°C (45 to 74°F) with occasional higher and lower temperatures but not below freezing. Rainfall averages about 2 to 4 cm per day on most tepuis. Where there is anything that can be called "soil", there is generally sand, rocks, and decomposed plant matter , typifies the habitat as a rain desert. Large parts of the tepuis are devoid of vegetation and even where there are locations that appear perfect for Heliamphora, the plants are very patchy.
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