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Herbertia Lahue * Prairie Nymph * Amazing Herbert Iris * Rare 5 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF HERBERTIA LAHUE Beautiful, blue-violet, iris-like flowers, brightly-patterned and deeper violet at the centres, open in long succession over clumps of sword-shaped leaves, for many weeks from early summer onwards. Although these plants from southern Chile and Argentina are not totally hardy, they will do well in a sheltered bed outside, or in a pot indoors where you can admire their beauty. This easy-to-grow and most amazing iris relative hails from a large region from Florida west to Texas and south to Uruguay. Herbertia lahue forms a miniature clump of narrow foliage to only 2" tall. The plants are topped for us from early-to-mid May with exquisite, dark blue-lavender flowers. Each flower is composed of three large, oblong petals surrounding a contrasting white eye etched in blue...simply marvelous! For those in the arctic zones north of Zone 7, plant your herbertia in a container garden or trough. Since they go summer dormant soon after flowerings, they require little to no care through the summer months. They almost look like Moraea. They flower for a long time in summer and the flowers are a light purple color. It prefers full sun, neutral to alkaline well drained soils and is dormant in summer.
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