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Hippeastrum Hybrid * Red White Amaryllis * Rare Tropical Flower Plant * 3 Seeds

3 SEEDS A deciduous perennial with broad, strap-like leaves and upright Inflorescences that hold several large, trumpet-shaped, red and white flowers. The giant amaryllis bulbs sold in fall each year are basically all hybrids which have been developed over the years from Hippeastrum species plants indigenous to Central and South America. Bulbs are frequently planted in pots at Thanksgiving for bloom at Christmas. Typically bulbs produce one or more stout-but-hollow leafless flowering stems (scapes) that grow 12-18” tall. 2-6 amaryllis flowers, mostly in shades of red, pink and white with interesting spotting and banding, bloom atop each scape. Large strap-shaped green leaves begin to grow at about the time the flowers open. Genus name comes eventually from the Greek words hippos meaning horse and hippeus meaning rider. A possible allusion to the flower looking like the head of a horse. Zone: 8 to 10
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