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Hoodia Gordonii ~ Amazing Stapelia Succulent ~ Very Rare Unusual Wonder Plant 3 Seeds ~

3 SEEDS Hoodia gordonii is a leafless fat-stemmed and spiny succulent plant similar to a cactus. In the early stages only one stem is produced but at a later stage the plant produces clusters of green upright stem. Mature plants can have as many as 50 individual branches and weigh as much as 30 kg. Plants under ideal conditions can attain a height of 1 m. Hoodia gordonii can under ideal conditions live for 25 years in cultivation. In the wild they probably don't live much longer than 15 years. 0,5-1 m tall, greysh-green to pale brown, stricltly cylindrical, 2,5-5 in diameter. The knobbly surface helps to scatter the sun's radiation, minimising the amount of heat they absorb. Tubercles: Protruding, blunt, arranged in 11-17 rbs. Apically with an acute spine. Spine: 6-12 mm long. Flower: Saucer-shaped, strictly 5-lobed with a central depression, large up to 75 mm, pale straw, pale purple to dark maroon colored and usually with darker venation (vaguely resembleing a petunia flower) borne on or near the terminal apex (top part of the plant), inflorescence very shortly pedunculate, with group of 1-4 flowers. The flowers smell like rotten meat and are pollinated mainly by flies. It grows naturally in a very wide area of the Kalahari desert in South Africa and Namibia. It is also found in the deserts of Botswana and Angola. Grows in winter-rainfall regions in deep Kalahari sands, on dry stony slopes or flats often under the protection of xerophytic bushes but it has a wide tolerance of growing habitats. In places where the temperature soars past 50°C , but it can survive in relatively low temperatures (-3°C). This area is home to a wide range of unique plant species.
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