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Iochroma Fuchsioides * Red Iochroma * Cloudforest Burning Bush * Ornamental * Rare * 10 Seeds *

10 SEEDS A quite rare and sought after ornamental also having medicinal uses. Red Iochroma is a bushy plant to 4-10ft best-known for its fuschia colored, tubular flowers which adorn the tree in large clumps all year. It is a graceful and pretty ornamental and is related to both Brugmansia's and Datura's. Hardy to the mid 20's (F), does well in part shade. A spectacular, fast growing shrub closely related to Brugmansia with soft leaves and masses of bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers that it produces over many months. Iochroma fuchsioides is native to cloud forests along the Andes from Colombia to Argentina between 800 and 3500 m. In cultivation it prefers a warm or cool temperate climates without extremes of heat or cold, such as Ireland, western Britain, New Zealand or the Pacific coast of the U.S. But it is adaptable and will grow anywhere where the summers are not blistering hot and the winters are not freezing cold. Unlike many Iochromas, which have leaves that are dull, gray and hairy, this one has smooth, bright-green foliage that always looks fresh and lively. The flared blooms of this variety are about 2 inches long and have an orangey interior. The plant can have blooms on it most months of the year, with the biggest show in spring and summer. The Red Iochroma prefers mild daytime temperatures and cool nights. It reportedly grows fine in warm climates like the southern U.S., but it may not flower until the cooler months. It will lose its leaves from light frost, but mature plants reportedly can survive down to the mid-20s (-4°C), with new growth sprouting from the base in Spring. It grows well in part sun. Give it some afternoon shade in warmer climates. It does well in a container and may be pruned to any size that is convenient. Give it a fertile, well-draining soil and keep it evenly moist. Over about 40% humidity is best. In the right conditions, it's an easy and very vigorous plant.
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