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Iris Bulleyana ~ Sino Siberian Iris ~ Stunning Blue Flowers ~ Rare 5 Seeds ~

This is a beautiful Iris from Tibet and China with glossy green, very narrow, reed-like leaves and bearing in May and June lovely blue-violet flowers, three inches or so across, delightfully veined, spotted and freckled dark violet and yellow. Iris bulleyana is a classic species Iris from western China. It belongs to a small group of oriental species which are entirely hardy and are of great value to the gardener. The plant grows from a slender rhizome, which produces tufts of grass-like foliage to just 36 to 40cm (14 to 16in) tall with the slender flower stems standing a little taller. The graceful foliage makes a nice appearance in the border even when there are no blooms. Iris bulleyana is native to western China where it can be found on damp hillsides, meadows, and near to streams. The plants are successful in any moist garden soil and look especially well when planted upon the shores of streams and ponds, but not in such positions as would be covered with water in the winter, for, although the plant is winter hardy in the extreme, it cannot survive freezing in saturated soil. The beauty and grace of irises add a special dimension to any garden bed or border. When they are in bloom, the delicate-looking flowers float like butterflies above the slim grass-like leaves. When they are not in bloom, the foliage adds a handsome linear quality to the texture of the garden. Distinct and lovely in the garden or the vase, they are easy to grow in any moist soil, in sun or part shade.
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