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Iris Chrysographes - The Black Beauty Iris Flower - True Black Knight Iris - 5 Seeds

Iris chrysographes, the black iris, is a plant species that belongs to the genus Iris. It is native to Southern China and Myanmar growing in meadows, streamsides, hillsides and forest margins. Iris chrysographes is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial with creeping rhizomes. The leaves are linear and greyish green, and up to 70 cm long. The hollow flowering stems, 25–30 cm long, bear slightly scented flowers in early summer. These are reddish violet to very dark violet, almost velvety black, and 6–9 cm in diameter. The outer tepals, or falls, usually have narrow golden yellow central stripes. After flowering, the leaves die down, leaving the rhizome in the earth for a dormant period until the autumn, when it sprouts into new growth.
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