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Iris Graminea Amazing Apricots Fragrance - Grass-Leaved Flag Plum Tart Purple Flower - 10 Seeds

Iris graminea has slender, short, hard rhizomes. The plant has narrow grass-like foliage. and can grow up to between 30–100 cm long and 0.5–1.5 cm wide. They can have many branches creating dense tufts, clumps or tussocks of plants. The leaves can be shiny, and bright green towards the top, and pale grey-green (or blue green) near the bottom. Some plants can have dark green leaves. They have strongly, visible longitudinal veins. The leaves are longer than the flowering stems. After the plant has flowered, the foliage has the tendency to extend. Later, the deciduous foliage dies back during the winter. The large flowers are 6–8 cm in diameter, they are larger than normal Iris flowers. They have a strong scent (or fragrance), which can be variously described as similar to freesias,or fruity,or smell of ripe plums,or apricots, or greengages, or between grapes and plum tarts.The flowers come in a range of shades, from purple, blue-violet, purple violet, violet crimson, reddish purple, violet,lavender, and blue.
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