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Isoplexis Canariensis ~ Digitalis Canary Island Foxglove ~ Evergreen Shrub Rare 5 Seeds ~

Digitalis canariensis (Canary Island Foxglove) - A short-lived shrub from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Growing to 4-5 feet tall by nearly as wide with serrated, dark green foliage, this plant blooms in the late spring and summer months with flattened trumpet-shaped apricot-colored flowers in dense terminal clusters that rise above the foliage. It prefers sun or part shade and regular watering. Listed as frost tender although found it tolerant of winter temperatures down to 28-29 F. Most people have difficulty keeping this plant in the garden more than 3 years but it is so attractive it may be worth replanting regularly. Digitalis is from the Latin word 'digit' meaning "finger" with the suffix 'alis' "pertaining to" or "like" in reference to the finger-like tubular flowers. The original common name was reportedly "Folksglove" meaning resembling the finger of a glove. In its native habitat Isoplexis canariensis is usually found in humid woodland areas although it is occasionally seen growing in far drier woodland areas. Despite its subtropical origins it performs at it best in cooler conditions making it a suitable plant for the temperate regions of southern Europe. It will even grow outside in the south and west of Great Britain so long as it can be provided with a sunny, sheltered position out of the way of cold winds. In warmer countries, a position that is shaded during the hottest part of the day with give better results. Although capable of surviving temperature down to as low as -4 degrees Celsius, it will not thank you for it and so it is best to avoid freezing temperatures wherever possible. To keep your plant in optimum condition, keep winter temperatures above 6 degrees Celsius which for many of us in the cooler climates of northern Europe will mean growing your Isoplexis canariensis in a pot so that it can be brought in under protection in freezing weather.
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