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Isotoma Axillaris * Laurentia Blue Star Creeper * Pink Star Flower * 30 Seeds *

Isotoma axillaris, commonly called blue stars, star flowers, rock isotomes or laurentias, ia native to frost-free areas of Australia. This is a woody-based perennial that grows as an upright mound of branched stems to 6-12” tall. It may be grown outdoors year-round only in frost free areas. In St. Louis, they are typically grown as annuals. Features light blue to purple blue, star-shaped flowers (to 1.5” diameter). Flowers bloom from summer to fall. Long, deeply-dissected leaves (to 5” long). Genus name comes from the Greek words isos meaning equal and toma meaning a section. The segments of the corolla are equal. It prefers damp well drained soils, full sun to part shade, and needs protection from frosts. It is a hardy and trouble free plant for long lasting floral displays, and has an attractive mounding habit. It is good for borders, rockeries, mass planting and for container growing. Water regularly in warm weather, and fertilise with a native fertiliser in spring.
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