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Israeli Fresh Organic Orangeglo Watermelon * 10 Seeds * Citrullus lanatus RARE

The story of ‘Orangeglo’ watermelon goes back to the 1960s in Poolville, Texas, where it was developed by the Willhite Seed Company, which is well-known for its many varieties of watermelon. Over the years, ‘Orangeglo’ has proved itself through its huge popularity with small growers, and remains, hands down, one of the best-tasting of all the orange-yellow varieties. With rich, pumpkin-colored flesh, this orange watermelon possesses one of the fruitiest of aromas and a sorbetlike texture that makes it excellent for frozen desserts. Very resistant to wilt and insects; strong healthy vines. Produces good yields of large, 20-30 lb watermelons with dark green stripes and a thin outer shell. Fast grow / 85 days
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