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Ixia Maculata * Spotted African Corn Lily * Beautiful Yellow-Orange Ornamental * 5 Seeds

Ixia maculata, commonly called corn lily or corn bells, is an iris family member that is native to the Cape Province of South Africa. Clusters of yellow to orange-yellow, 6-petaled, cup-shaped flowers (to 2.5” diameter) bloom in late spring atop wiry stems typically rising 10-20” tall. Flowers have dark centers. Grass-like, often twisted leaves. Plants go dormant by mid-summer. This species is a parent of many garden hybrids which come in a wider range of flower colors, including shades of yellow, red, orange, pink and creamy white with dark centers. Genus name comes from the Greek word ixia meaning bird-lime from the sticky sap of these South African plants.
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