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Ixia Viridiflora * Dazzling Turquoise * RARE * Endangered Flowers * Eazy Growing 5 Seeds

The dazzling Turquoise Ixia has one of the rarest and most desirable colors in the plant world. Ixia Viridiflora also known as Turquoise Ixia, is a tall member of the genus Ixia. It comes from around the Tulbagh in South Africa, Cape Province. It has small corms under the ground. Its habitats are often destroyed by human influence so the conservation status of this interesting flower is vulnerable and is tending to worse, making This corn lily a very rare plant. Each spring, this Freesia relative sends up striking, 1.5 to 2 foot tall flower spikes that demand attention. Each stem has 12 to 24 blooms of shimmering aquamarine or sea-green. The satiny purple centers and yellow anthers contrast beautifully with the petals. Each year, the bulb-like corm produces several baby corms, which may be separated and can flower the next year. The blooms appear around April or May. In the wild, the unusual flower color attracts beetle species, which pollinate the blooms. The Turquoise Ixia has very good ornamental traits with its beautiful inflorescences. In the right conditions, this is an easy and very exciting plant to grow. grow well in a small pot. unfortunately this lovely plant is endangered
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