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Jacaranda Mimosifolia * Ornamental Blue Jacaranda Bonsai Tree * 10 Seeds *

Jacaranda mimosifolia, the Blue Jacaranda, is native of South America, especially found in Brazil. This handsome tree grows in tropical low altitude flatlands. It can reach 30 meters high at its full potential, but it’s usually more around 20 meters. Blooming season is in summer. The whole tree is covered with large and delicate grapes of magnificent lavender blue flowers. The flowers are slightly odorant. The foliage is semi-persistent, made up of feather-like leaves finely cutted, that give a hint of elegance to the tree. The fruit is a flat pouch, about 7 cm wide and brownish yellow. The trunk is large, grey and not very tall. Hardiness zones 9-10 (-5ºC/25ºF, 1ºC/35ºF) in winter. Temperatures under -5ºC are a threat to its life. The Blue Jacaranda is not very resistant to large temperature changes. It is preferably grown in a veranda or a glasshouse with a temperature above 3ºC. The Blue Jacaranda needs a fresh and rich soil in order to stay healthy. It needs good lighting, preferably under a full sun. If grown indoors or in a glasshouse, it can be brought outside only during summer. The tree should be protected from the wind. Its root system is extensive and can make the cultivation of smaller plants under it difficult.


10 Seeds

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