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Jovellana Punctata * Tea Cup Flower * Stunning Exotic Shrub * 10 Rare Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 10 SEEDS OF JOVELLANA PUNCTATA If you’re looking for something decidedly different to try in your garden, you won’t regret having a go with this charming, semi-evergreen, shrubby perennial. From Chile, it has erect branches and neat and tidy foliage. From spring through to autumn it produces panicles of some of the most delightful flowers you are likely to see. The happy-looking blooms are two-lipped and distinctly bell-shaped, each half an inch or so across, varying in colour from white to pale lilac enhanced by purple, yellow and red spots with no two flowers having the same markings – they act as landing pads for pollinators. The mint-like leaves have a minty fragrance when rubbed. Give it a warm, sheltered, partly sunny spot but away from direct sunlight (not too hot!). It can withstand temperatures down to around -5°C so it may be hardy in many parts of the country but will need protection from severe winters. It can also be grown successfully indoors in pots. Jovellana punctata is an unusual rarity from Chile with colorful sprays of happy little flowers! These sprightly blooms appear in large numbers from spring through autumn. Their festive markings are purple, yellow and red, with no two flowers having the same pattern. It is uncommon in cultivation, and fresh seeds are rarely seen for sale. Jovellana is an evergreen, perennial plant that grows around 5 feet tall, which puts the blooms at the perfect height for viewing. Each flower spray has dozens of half-inch blooms, which open at different times over a period of 1 to 2 months. The yellow markings on the blooms sometimes resemble faces, like a little Pokemon character. The flower sprays would make an exotic addition to flower arrangements! Even without blooms this is an attractive plant, with woody stems and bright, mint-shaped foliage. The leaves have a great minty-spicy aroma when rubbed! The Teacup Flower comes from cool areas of central Chile, where the climate is mild all year. The ideal temperature for it seems to be between 40 and 80 degrees F (4-27 degrees C), with cool nights. It can probably survive a few degrees of frost if given overhead protection, but protect it from all frost. Teacup Flower grows well indoors in a pot. It prefers partly sunny conditions. It should be shaded from strong afternoon sun. It likes well-draining soil that is kept evenly moist. Over about 40% humidity is recommended.
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