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Kalanchoe Sexangularis ~ Amazing Red Leaved Succulent ~ Rare 10 Tiny Seeds ~

Kalanchoe sexangularis is a hardy and drought-resistant succulent, with decorative red foliage that’s a must-have for the rockery, garden or patio, and unlike many other succulents, it will also flourish in dappled shade. Kalanchoe sexangularis is an evergreen, robust, water-wise, succulent shrublet. It grows upright on square stems that are green when young and become brown and flaky as they mature. The stems have a tendency to be lax and droopy and lie flat as the leaves become too large and heavy for the thin stems to support. It does not exceed heights of 1.5 m and has an unlimited spread, as that is the nature of its growth habit. Its attractive, broad, glossy and deeply serrated foliage reach lengths of 50–120 mm. When grown in shade the leaves tend to be greenish red, more green than red, but when in full sun, they tend to be ruby red. The leaves also turn red when there is a drop in temperature during the winter months. It has small, yellow, tubular flowers on a tall, branched inflorescence seen in winter–spring (June–September), followed by fleshy, green seed capsules that turn brown and papery from late August onwards. This plant is a fast grower. This is a versatile plant in the garden. It can be used in borders, in rockeries or as a filler in mixed beds. It is suitable for coastal or bushveld gardens. It is a champion performer in water-wise gardens, and it is a good container plant. This is a fast-growing plant and a beauty to have in the garden. Older plants every so often need a hard prune to keep growth tidy, as well as beautiful and lush.
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