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Karomia Speciosa * Wild Parasol Flower * Chinese Hats * Stunning * 3 Rare Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF KAROMIA SPECIOSA Karomia speciosa is a hardy, deciduous, sparsely-branched shrub or small tree with smooth, pale-grey bark. The small, two-toned, softly-textured, velvety leaves look beautiful swaying in the breeze. The clusters of beautiful deep-blue flowers have a persistent papery mauve to pink calyx that resembles a Chinese hat. The flowers are borne from December to April. although the lovely mauve calyx persists on the tree for most of the year. The flowers attract pollinating insects, butterflies, Carpenter Bees and nectar- and insect-eating birds. This colourful plant thrives in rocky situations and makes a showy focal point in the garden, or a beautiful backdrop or screening or container plant. Plant in sun or semi-shade, in well-drained compost-rich soil. Size: 1 to 4 m This shrub to small tree with its two-tone dark and light green leaves produces the most interesting profusion of paper-like flowers with a pink and purple colour combination. A truly great addition to a summer garden in cooler temperate areas, it is deciduous and loses its leaves during winter. If, however, your garden is situated in a more sub-tropical area the plant may prove to be evergreen.
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