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Lachenalia Aloides ~ Stunning Bulbous Perennial Hyacinth ~ Extremely Rare 5 Seeds ~

The 4-color Lachenalia makes two leaves, each about 6 to 12 inches long. About half the plants have attractive purple spots on the leaves. The plants bloom for me around November through December, with an 8 inch tall flower stalk. The top of the outer petals are vivid orange and red blending into yellow and green, while the lower petals are green and maroon. The flowers are very long-lasting. The plants look best when clustered close together, and do not mind being crowded at all! The plant is not frost-tolerant and should be kept over 35° F (2°C) during the winter growing period. Ideally it prefers cool conditions (45-70°F / 7-22°C) during winter. Many Lachenalias lag when temperatures are consistently over 85° F (29°C), especially if nights are warm. It likes full sun, although some afternoon shade may be needed in warmer areas. When the plants go dormant around late Spring, the soil must be kept dry until growth resumes in autumn. Grow the plants in well-draining potting soil that's kept consistently moist (but not soggy) during the growing season, and feed lightly each month. At least 40% is recommended.
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