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Lagerstroemia Indica * Crape Myrtle Bonsai * 10 Seeds * Amazing Rare Flowering *

Crape Myrtles are originally natives of China and India. Great bonsai tree potential. Crape Myrtles are fast growing trees. If left to grow naturally, it reaches 20 feet or more. Its trunks and branches are covered with smooth gray brown bark that flakes off to reveal pinkish new bark beneath. Trained to a single trunk, Crape Myrtle becomes a rather vase-shaped tree with a rounded top; multi-trunked specimens will develop a broader canopy. As soon as the weather warms, they're leafing-out like crazy. The leaves are bronze when they unfold, becoming deep green as they mature. They turn yellow-orange or red in Fall before falling. The tree can be pruned anytime after the leaves have fallen. Panicle of pink, red to purple flowers from July to Fall on new growth. The small crinkled flowers appear in clusters. Hardiness zones: 7-10, (1°C/35°F,-15°C/5°F) in Winter. Crape Myrtle requires moist and slightly acidic soil with good drainage. Not tolerant to drought, water freely. Reduce watering in Winter. Requires full sun.
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