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Larryleachia Cactiformis - UFO Succulent - Extremely Rare - 3 Seeds

Larryleachia cactiformis is a stapeliad succulent, native to Namaqualand in South Africa, where it grows in rocky areas.
Larryleachia cactiformis proves as difficult a member of the family Apocynaceae in cultivation as others in its genus.

True its name, Larryleachia cactiformis grows in the shape of a small cactus, with no leaves, spines or branches but ribbed with mammaillae on 4-6 sided protrusions.
It is greyish green in colour and starts spherical, then grows into a short cylindrical stem of 4-6 inches high, and sometimes taller in captivity.
The flowers grow from 0.2-0.6 inch peduncles from the top, and are 1 inch in diameter when open.
The corolla is pale yellow, fleshy, five pointed, shrivelled on the inside and decorated with dark red spots and lighter red tips.
Seeds are flat and brown.
rarely seen for sale

3 Seeds

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