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Leucadendron Discolor * Gold Flame Tips * Stunning Red Conebush * 3 Rare Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF LEUCADENDRON DISCOLOR For most of the year Leucadendron discolor is a grey-green filler, best planted towards the back of the shrubbery. During spring it comes alive with colour and adds a splash of bright yellow and red to the garden. The juvenile phase of Leucadendron discolor is a small densely bushy shrub. A year or two after planting out it matures and gradually sends up long erect flowering shoots reaching an eventual height of 2 m and a spread of 1-1.5 m. One of the distinguishing features of this Leucadendron are the grey-green broadly ovate leaves. Another, are the flowerheads which appear in spring. Male flowerheads are bright red and yellow surrounded by creamy yellow involucral leaves. Female plants form a grey-green cone surrounded by pale green involucral leaves that almost enclose the flowerhead. Winged seeds are found inside the cone on the female plant. They ripen a few months after flowering and are retained on the plant. Leucadendron discolor has been extensively used in producing hybrid plants for use as cut flowers.
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