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Leucadendron Rubrum * Spinning Top Conebush * 3 Seeds * Rarely Seen For Sale * Limted

Leucadendron rubrum is commonly known as the Spinning Top Conebush. It is a tall shrub, growing to 1.5 - 2m. It has silvery green leaves and flowers in spring through to summer. Plants develop from a single-stemmed base, with male plants being bushier and having smaller leaves than female plants. Male and female flower heads are clustered along the ends of branches. Male flower heads are very small, measuring about 11 mm long but are a vibrant bright yellow, and flower in a golden plume. Female flower heads form a cone about 40 mm long. The yellow female stigmas pop out at the top of the cone in a tuft. The bracts forming the cone are a colourful mix of yellow, green, blue and red. This is a great plant for plant collectors looking for something slightly different to display in their garden. seeds are rarely seen for sale.
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