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Leucospermum Cordifolium ~ Nodding Pincuhion ~ Amazing Shrub ~ Rare 3 Seeds ~

3 SEEDS Excellent ornamental spreading shrub 4'x6' with pincushion flowers and grey-green leaves. Various hybrids available with colours ranging from yellow-pale orange-deep orange-red and orange. Good long lasting cut flower. Prefers well-drained light to heavy soils. Flowers best in open sunny position. Tolerant of light frost. Leucospermum cordifolium is a rounded spreading shrub up to 2 m in diameter and about 1,5 m high, with a single main stem and horizontally spreading stems, hard green leaves and 1 to 3 large inflorescences borne at the end on the stem. The inflorescences consist of a large number of small flowers. It is the stiff protruding styles of the flowers which are the source of the common name "pincushion" for this genus. Exposure:Full Sun Irrigation:Drought tolerant once established Frost:Moderately Frost Tolerant 25F (-4C) Soil:Well-drained, sandy Flower Color:Orange Flower Time:Winter-spring-summer Height:4- 6' Hardiness Zones ; 9-11
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