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Leucospermum Praecox ~ Large Tufted Pincushion ~ Amazing Shrub ~ RARE 3 Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF LEUCOSPERMUM PARECOX Falls into group of wide-tubed pincshions. This is a large shrub, growing to 3m tall. It bears large, yellow flowers in winter, with persistent styles that turn orange in spring. Seeds should be sown in autumn. Hardy to USDA Zone 9. It is lovely as cut flower. Frost: Moderately Frost Tolerant 25F (-4C) Soil: Well-drained. Leucospermum praecox is a rounded, robust shrub up to 2-3 m tall and 4 m wide. It is bushy and has an upright habit. The trunk can reach 80 mm in diameter. Leaves are obovate to wedge-shaped, 35-70 x 15-30 mm and overlap each other. They are soft and hairy when young. The hairs give the young leaves a whitish, light green appearance. After a year, the leaves lose the hairs and become smooth and leathery. Each leaf tip has 5-11 glandular teeth. Bushes are floriferous and sometimes have 4 flowers on the tips of branches. Flowering occurs between April and September. Flower heads measure 60 mm across and have a spherical shape. Flower buds first open as a tightly curled lemon-yellow-green whorl. As they unfurl the styles become darker yellow and finally orange while the pollen presenter (tip of style) remains yellow. Once the flowers have been pollinated or the flowers begins to age, the styles and pollen presenters darken to red.
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