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Leucospermum Praecox - Mossel Bay Pincushion - Rare - 3 Seeds

Leucospermum praecox is an evergreen, rounded, upright shrub of up to 3 m high. It has hairless, inverted egg-shaped to broadly wedge-shaped leaves of about 5 cm long with six to eleven teeth near the tip, globe-shaped flower head with initially yellow flowers, later orange or scarlet, with styles sticking far out, giving the head the appearance of a pincushion. It is called Mossel Bay pincushion or large-tufted pincushion in English. It flowers between April and September. It is an endemic species that is restricted to the very south of the Western Cape province of South Africa .... Picture credit : Derek Keats from Johannesburg, South Africa Leucospermum_praecox_(5210811839).jpg
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