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Licuala Spinosa - Mangrove Fan Palm - Rare - 10 Seeds

10 SEEDS Licuala spinosa, the Mangrove fan palm, is a species of palm in the genus Licuala. The plant is native to the wet places of fresh and salt water of Southeast Asia. Licuala spinosa grows 2 to 7 m (6.6 to 23.0 ft) high, with a trunk of 4-7cm. It may grow in clumps. It prefers full sun, a lot of water, and is more cold hardy than most Licuala species. A Cambodian name for L. spinosa is pha'aw, in that region its leaves are used to make hats and wrap food. Its heart and terminal bud prepared as a vegetable are appreciated by Cambodians. In traditional Cambodian medicine, both a febrifuge remedy and for a preparation for the health of the foetus, use the root of the palm in compounds, while the bark of the trunk is used to treat tuberculosis.
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