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Liparia Splendens *Mountain Dahlia* Orange Nodding-Head Extremely Rare * 3 Seeds

Liparia splendens locally called Orange Nodding-Head or Mountain Dahlia is a flowering fynbos shrub of the Fabaceae family, that occurs in the South-western Cape of South Africa. This multi-branching, re-sprouting, flowering shrub reaches about 1 metre in height. The flowers "nodding heads" appear from autumn until summer. The flower heads each comprise over 15 individual flowers and are orange-yellow in colour. The flowers resemble those of Protea, as they have adapted to the same pollinator, the sunbird. this plant is found in mountain and lowland fynbos in the Western Cape, South Africa. Liparia splendens Classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN global Red List and at risk of becoming extinct. 3 seeds, are rarely seen for sale.
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