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Little Fingers Eggplant * Mini Eggplant * Sweet Tender * High Yielding * 5 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS OF LITTLE FINGERS EGGPLANT A great eggplant bearing small, finger like fruits that can be harvested when small. Fruits can also be allowed to grow larger for more of a Japanese style eggplant. Sweet flavor, tender texture, well bearing. Small, purple-black fruit is produced in clusters on sturdy, compact plants. The blunt-ended fruit may be harvested when finger-sized, but may also be allowed to grow larger with no sacrifice of its mild, sweet taste and tender texture. Great for grilling! Little Fingers Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is an Asian heirloom that yields gorgeous dark purple fruits. Can be harvested small — 3- to 4-inches long — or left to grow without losing its texture or superior flavor. Very productive! (65 days) Plant Size : 22-26 inch plant; 4-6 inch fruit. Hardiness : Tender Annual Sun : Full Seed Planting Depth : 0.25" Days to Harvest : 65 days Good For Container : Yes Heirloom size: Open Pollinated Easy to Grow: Yes Water: Moderate Plant spacing with in a row: 18" - 24"
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